TMI (Too Much Info)

I remember being younger and being terrified of my grandma. She took care of me, my sister and brothers. There were 5 of us and my grandpa worked full time… Now, my grandma LOOKS cute and sweet because she’s tiny but she is VERY intimidating. For a small body she has a loud voice. Don’t get me wrong, She was a good guardian. She was strict and over protective with us. I now know that it was for our own good. But anyway…
One day my sister and I were playing, you know doing stuff kids did back then. None of these advanced technologies were available to us so we actually played around. I was a pubescent preteen and my sister was still in her playful kid years. Anyway, My grandma had left to the store and left us in charge of the boys and the house chores. We were going to do them! We were!? it’s just we wanted to play first because, After all; we were still kids and just got lost in our game.
Well, she gets back and we’re trying to hurry and scramble to get things picked up and swept. She walks in and sees us rushing. She has grocery bags in her hands and doesn’t say anything but put them down and gives us a look. we already know we’re in trouble. We put the food up in awkward silence, We finish with that and she looks at us and tells us to follow her. We follow her into the hall way and she stops and we’re standing in front of her like soldiers (upright and hands on our sides) she opens her mouth and nothing but angry Spanish words come shooting out.
She speaks VERY fast when she’s mad (I think like most Mexican women do) while she was going on and on with all those angry Spanish words there was a sentence that caught my attention. She said, “you have pubic hairs! yall should act like young ladies already!” I got this look on my face like someone just slapped me! She paused to take a deep breath to continue but I quickly realized i had to say something! I had to inform her of something very important!
So before she could start yelling again I got her attention and raised my hand… stuck my chest out and said with a very proud and loud voice “I’m the only one with pubic hair!” I point and say “Not her” (my sister), “only i have hair!”… I guess I caught her off guard because we never spoke back after her yelling we were too scared. BUT… I said that, and as the last word left my lips she laughed so hard!!! We could tell She was trying not to, because she let out that laugh like a rough cough comes out. You know like when you spit before you cough because you swallow water or food wrong and you suddenly start to choke a little?… yeah like that. She cried from how hard she was laughing! Me and my sister looked at each other confused?
She finally stops laughing and tells us get out of there and go play. That was such a cool day and I think the first time I had made my grandma laugh like that. I put her in such a good mood she bought pizza for us that day. I was just happy that she knew that I was the only one with pubic hair. My point got across like i wanted it too. Well that’s it for today? I hope this puts a smile on someones face. Remember life is too short to stay mad, sad or worried. #SmileYourAlive 🙂


You don’t need it

SO! This is my first entry… It’s a short story about a conversation my son and I had in the bathroom. First let me start off by saying I am self conscious about my chesticles (boobs) I don’t think they’re the appropriate size for me. Ok so now that you know this, here goes my story… Ok! so, I was taking a shower and like always one of the kids suddenly had the urge to use the restroom. I hear knocking and my son Jay says “mom open the door I gotta go!” I’m almost done with my shower. Already drying myself off, so I open the door. He comes in and uses the restroom and as he turns to walk out, he sees me getting dressed. He asked, “mom, what are you doing?” I said I’m putting my clothes on (I’m putting on my bra) and asks “mom what’s that?” i said it’s my bra and he asked “what is the bra for?” I said it’s to cover my chee-chees. He just stands there and thinks for a minute and says, “Hey?!” With a very puzzled look. “you dont got Chee-chees!, you dont need a bra silly! “My tia (aunt) and grandma have chee-chees!”… I felt so embarrassed. From that day on my son is no longer allowed in the bathroom while I’m in the shower. Well that’s my first story, Hope this makes someones day and remember life is too short to stay mad, sad, or worried.

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