I have two boys!!! One is 4 and the other is 1. Boys unlike girls are Very very active! My daughter is the oldest and the calmest of the three. She listens to everything mommy tells her to do. My oldest boy on the other hand does the complete opposite. I’ll say, Jay clean up… I might as well have said, hey while you’re making a mess go ahead and break some things Jay.

Well my problem with him is cleaning and eating his food. He wants to sit on his bed to eat? I don’t know why? It’s like that’s where he feels most comfortable? Anyways you know boys are into action, adventure and rough and tough things in general. Now jay LOVES spiderman and the latest love of his life is power rangers. The other day he was watching power rangers and got up to do flips and punches like he usually does when an action scene comes one. I don’t know why but I got the craziest idea…

I thought man he jumps right into action when he hears that power rangers theme song

and when they say the word, RIGHT and go into their Fighting pose! Well that idea sounded crazy in my head… so crazy it just might work!

Nevertheless, the show finishes and it’s time to start cleaning. I go to my kids drawers and look for beanies. I find a pink one and blue one and poke holes through them and go show Jay. I said hey man you want to be a power ranger like me? He said yeah very excited and we put the masks on and we transform into the pink and blue rangers. I pretend I have a watch and say hey Zordon is calling. He says what do we have to do? I said zordon said we HAVE to hurry and clean the house before the toys turn into giant monsters! He starts to jump and do his little sideways cartwheels. Then I ask are you ready? He says yeah! and I say, RIGHT! Then he says RIGHT we go into fighting pose and jump into action!

I start doing little sideways cartwheels and pick a toy up and throw it in the toy box. He follows right along! I was so happy that this was actually getting the job done!!! We were almost done and there was a stuffed horse on the floor the last toy to pick up. He sees it and says, oh no we took too long pink ranger! That horse is getting bigger! I’m trying to stop the game and take my mask off and say, no Jay we’re done! Throw it in the box. He comes towards me kicking and punching and says my names not Jay! I’m the blue ranger!!! He was in serious blue ranger mode, no playing around no more!

I was scared for my life I thought I was gonna get my butt handed to me by a little 4 year old. As a result, I put my mask back on and we start to fight the giant horse! We throw it back and forth to each other punching it and kicking and throwing it everywhere. Suddenly he says, where are my weapons? I said, no we don’t need them I think he’s getting small again. He said, no… It’s… not! Goes to the toy box that we JUST filled and grabs a sword, a gun, nun-chucks, a jump rope, and a shoe! He stabs the horse and throws the sword and kicks it under the couch, He shoots the gun a few times but it ran out of bullets so throws it and it slides under a little desk I have, he wraps the nun-chucks around a door knob, and throws the shoe towards the wall and it knocks down a picture frame! Grabs the horse and ties it up with the jump rope and throws it into the toy box!

The job is done and takes the mask off and walks away with a confident smirk… and I’m standing in the living room with another mess to clean up looking like?… alone this time. Well the idea WAS crazy… crazy enough NOT to work. But you live and you learn? Therefore, I’m still trying to find a way to make cleaning interesting for him and safe for my well being?… I still have to find something that works for the last child. ugh… well that’s it for now. Hope you all enjoyed and I hope I got a smile or two from someone. #LIfeIsTooShortToBeMadSadOrWorried #Smile 🙂