My favorite one… so far. (edited)


I have two boys!!! One is 4 and the other is 1. Boys unlike girls are Very very active! My daughter is the oldest and the calmest of the three. She listens to everything mommy tells her to do. My oldest boy on the other hand does the complete opposite. I’ll say, Jay clean up… I might as well have said, hey while you’re making a mess go ahead and break some things Jay.

Well my problem with him is cleaning and eating his food. He wants to sit on his bed to eat? I don’t know why? It’s like that’s where he feels most comfortable? Anyways you know boys are into action, adventure and rough and tough things in general. Now jay LOVES spiderman and the latest love of his life is power rangers. The other day he was watching power rangers and got up to do flips and…

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